The bowel fluctuations turn bloody and painful, causing too much discomfort. Mind the bowel movements and compare with your regular condition! Have you noticed a deep red or even black colored blood when attending restroom? It is a good sign to contact specialists. Think about how much iron-rich food you supply as it might be another good explanation. If you do not consume that much iron, the reason why your bowel movements are followed by dark colored blood streams might be as bad as the stomach cancer.

Do you feel you want to vomit too often? Remember: in case you did not take any poisonous or out-of-date food inside, the source of the problem might be much worse than you expect. An upset stomach is what stimulates this vomiting sensation. A frequent desire to vomit is not healthy, as one or two times is enough to get rid of the possible toxins. At the same time, a stomach is not always a clue.

If the person gets too tired and overwhelmed as compared to others doing the same job, it also can be suspicious, often associated with some serious health conditions. In case feeling tired is not the sign of some mental disorder, the cause might be a stomach cancer. Waking up at night too often is not okay anyway. The symptom is worse if you are sure you had enough rest, but still feeling sleepy and exhausted. It is critical to let the doctor define the underlying condition.

The last but not the least important sign one has to consider when trying to identify the stomach cancer is the so-called low-grade fever. It appears as the result of our immune system trying to resist the external factors, harmful for our health. In most cases of the stomach cancer, the patients face pretty low body temperatures. It happens because of the malignancy around the stomach. However, the expert should compare the symptom to the similar symptom typical for many other health conditions before making a conclusion.