The first thing you should know about the stomach cancer, which is a rather severe health condition, is the extreme ache in the upper abdomen. The greatest difficulty associated with this illness is that it is almost impossible to feel the full spectrum of pain at the initial stages of the problem. Many patients complain of the sharp pain in the area located higher than the navel. Usually, it’s not a norm to feel discomfort when touching this region. However, once the fluid starts to gather in the top abdomen, the pain can be sensed.

The biggest danger is the failure to identify the health condition at its early stages due to the similarity of symptoms with many other unfavorable health conditions. The doctors often name supporting factors such as run-of-the-mill nausea among those keys which can help to determine the exact diagnosis. The upset stomach makes the problem rather sharp and obvious. In this case, the person should not relate the upset feeling to the taken meals. Intermediate phase of the illness is the last moment doctors can cure the illness with the minimum of adverse consequences.

People keep on feeling sick and overloaded when they face the stomach cancer with its serious consequences. The immune system becomes weaker, being unable to protect the organism from even the tiniest external risk factors. It does its best to resist the cancerous cells, but once the intermediate phase of illness passes, it becomes harder and harder to do so. Typical cold and flu then feel so much worse. Mind the frequency of getting sick.