Eating too much beta-carotene. A healthy diet is something we all need to have in case we want to feel safe and well. You should eat enough vegetables and fruits to receive all those important components to keep your organism in shape. But you should know that enough is enough and overdo can also be harmful to you. In case you eat too many products that contain beta-carotene, you may feel some symptoms of jaundice. We are talking about carrots, watermelons, and various squash.

High blood pressure. This symptom is too broad to be just about one illness, and jaundice is also on the list. When your organism experiences high blood pressure, it can be one of those symptoms to notice and ask for help. You should know your normal blood pressure index to notice the dangerous change and prevent jaundice illness and its other symptoms. In any case, you should be very careful with this index and take care of your liver.

Pain. It can be a too broad symptom to talk about, but it is worth mentioning. There is a great list of factors that cause pain. And jaundice is one of them. Most of the people who complain about jaundice first feel pain in the abdominal area of the body. Of course, this area is also too important and broad so pain can be caused by any other injury or illness. So you should get all the tests done to know the real reason for pain.