Signs and Symptoms of Jaundice

Excessive fluid buildup, one ot the most obvious and primal symptom of jaundice. And it is a dangerous symptom for your organism for sure. Our bodies consist of high water concentration. A proper water balance is very important, and in case it is disrupted, you can get a serious injury. And in case the water is gathered somewhere around the abdominal area, it is the first sign you have jaundice.

Weight gain. It is normal when your body shape and weight changes. But when there is no obvious reason for inappropriate ration or the absence of physical exercises, you should think about it more carefully. For example, if your weight changes during just one year or few months, you have serious problems and should treat it as a jaundice symptom. Besides, it is not just a symptom; it also can predict your jaundice as well. So, be careful with your weight and watch out too fast gaining of it for no obvious reason.

Bleeding. It is a usual thing for every human to bleed. And it is also common for other living beings on Earth. But when this process is excessive, or you even feel some kind of bruising, it is bad and can be one of those jaundice symptoms. For lots of those older people, it is a tendency caused by some certain medications. But in case you noticed your bleeding to be more often and unusual and even with bruising experience, you should get help from your local healthcare expert as soon as possible.