Both reading and writing assignments are the top hated among kids with dyslexia. It is easy to understand: who likes doing what drives him crazy? Often, the teachers notice such students hiding the papers, throwing them away, or even turn hysteric being unable to focus on the task. It all results in a big stress, so grown-ups should pay attention to such changes in mood. It is better not to force the child with dyslexia to do writing tasks.

Of course, usually, only musicians and poets need to rhyme perfectly. However, it is common for the young kids as well. Most of them like singing or repeating some lines of the poem. However, children with dyslexia hate doing so. Even if they like the lyrics, it might be hard for them to rhyme. They cannot start swapping out one sound for another as they are unable to break words in that way.

People with dyslexia usually cannot organize themselves. They cannot prepare a schedule, which makes them frequently late and lost in the duties. The rooms and working places of such patients are extremely chaotic, dirty, and messy. They always require help when cleaning up as they do not know how to allocate/arrange things to find them later easily.

Sure thing, many students get F on their homework tasks and tests. However, if the reason is not laziness, lack of time, or refusal to do the task, it may be the symptom of dyslexia. Often, such patients have a desire to study, but they just cannot make it through. The obstacles such as lack of reading and writing skills prevent them from high academic achievements.