Most of the people with dyslexia report significant listening/hearing problems. It does not necessarily mean they are going deaf. In some cases, these patients cannot differentiate words and understand exactly what other people are saying. They just cannot analyze what they have just heard, and people around usually have to repeat the same information several times. Thus, it is hard for the patients to handle various assignments.

People with dyslexia are usually unable of writing. They would barely choose a job which requires a lot of writing as this activity comes along even harder than reading. Students with dyslexia have many grammar and spelling issues when trying to prepare their essays and research papers. It leads to the low academic performance. Their eyes do not correctly obtain the signals, so they mix up all letters they see. Sometimes, they do not recognize some letters or words at all, even though they know them.

Because of having too many problems with studying and fulfilling daily activities, children, and young adolescents may have serious issues with self-esteem. They feel disappointed being unable to conduct various activities on the same high level as other kids. It only seems that they do not understand the nuances of their health. When they achieve something new in education, it gets them out of the depression.