People with Anorexia are mad about counting the calories they eat. They do not even buy products which do not specify the amount of calories and percentage of fat. On the other hand, counting calories is not a bad idea, especially for people suffering from obesity. It is a dangerous symptom when it turns into obsession. The lack of calories leads to the lack of important life elements, so anorexics with the lowest weights may even die.

Some persons with Anorexia share that they have faced the problem of bone thinning. In medical dictionaries, they define it as osteoporosis. It is logical as the body of such patient does not obtain enough calcium and other elements critical for our bones. As a result, the bone density goes down. At the same time, such patients are under the higher risks of breaking their legs, hands, or else.

Anorexia victims can even experience a cardiac illness. Without necessary elements like minerals, the organism will fail to accomplish its main ‘duties.’ Such patients may think that overall discomfort is their biggest problem. Such things as a lack of potassium are far worse. Soon, people with Anorexia are unable to cope with regular chest pains.

People with Anorexia possess severe issues with bowel. The list of factors includes swelling, abdominal discomfort, and constipation. It’s not even the full list of troubles! Patients also admit they try to force themselves to vomit, and things like that have an adverse impact on the digestive system. As a result, the bowel muscle and nerve endings are at risk! Patients with Anorexia face problems with their stool.