Anorexia Nervosa Symptoms and Signs

Limitations in daily ration. When all of a sudden our body stops receiving the necessary amount of Vitamins and other important elements to support living, it may experience various problems. People with Anorexia Nervosa usually exclude almost all fat-based food from their meals, without recognizing the importance of balance. Protein all alone is not enough to provide the organism with what it needs. Anorectic people weigh them several times a day fearing to gain extra weight.

As the result of progressive Anorexia, the patient may soon experience different dental problems. All of the systems in our body are interrelated, so when one suffers, the others react. Many patients with Anorexia share issues with their teeth: their conditions simply get worse with each day, no matter how well the patients take care of their mouth hygiene. It all happens due to the absence of necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

People with Anorexia aptitude tend to have regular depressions and other mood issues. Females stop having menstruation for a while; the cycle interrupts. It is difficult to fix hormonal problems later. The decreased level of fat leads to the decrease in thyroids. Instead, the hormones that motivate stressful situations arise. That is how the patients lose their reproductive hormones. The result of these changes is the amenorrhea or the cessation of the 30-day period.