Do you experience fever or problems with temperature? It is a sign of many illnesses, so it is impossible to guess the health condition from the first attempt. A fever in case if sepsis achieves more than 101 degrees Fahrenheit. At the same time, this indicator can drop below 96.8 degrees, which is not a good indicator as well. As the body temperature changes during the sepsis development, it is possible to notice chills and shivering. Those are two other typical signs.

A patient may notice a drop in the level of urination as well as its frequency. Do not confuse this sign with the acute kidney disease before you make sure. It should be accompanied by the other signs of sepsis to conclude. A serious form of sepsis can lead to the acute failure of numerous organs. Those are kidneys, lungs, and liver. Check the level of urinary output. It should not be below 400 ml. In case of sepsis, damage to the specific organ results in a stopped urine’s output.

Patients with sepsis often report a speedy, abnormal heart rate. Many people who face this health condition experience this symptom because of the increasing pulse. It makes the blood pump more quickly. In the end, 2 rather severe anomalies appear. The first one is the compromised effectiveness of the cardiac activity. That is why some organs stop receiving the necessary amount of blood the second is the increased rate of pumping pressurizes that stand for the blood supply as well. It results in running out of breath.