Weakness and pain. Often patients complain of pain in the chest or back, which persists with time. The pain may be in the chest or lung area, but it can also be present in the upper back, shoulders or neck – and it is easily confused with muscle pain. The pain can be different: from periodic to acute paroxysmal and permanent. Pain can be delivered to the shoulder, neck, stomach. Also, pain can intensify with deep breathing, coughing. Pain is not stopped by taking non-narcotic painkillers. By the intensity of pain can be judged on the extent of affection to the lungs and other organs of the chest.

Frequent infectious diseases. Lungs perform an important function in the body, and sometimes various infectious diseases can get into the body through the respiratory system. In chill weather, you can catch a cold or even pneumonia. But if the colds happen 4-5 times a season, despite the full treatment and adjustment of immunity, there is the reason to think about an examination for lung cancer. The malignant formation can block part of the airways, leading to the growth of infection, while preventing the effects of medicament on the damaged area. That is why the viruses of infection do not respond to treatment, and they excruciate patients by frequent relapses.

Syndrome of drumsticks. The condition of the hands and fingers on the hands can inform on disorders in the body associated with developing lung cancer. Thickening of the last phalanges of the fingers on the hands and rounding of the nail plate are always about lung diseases, in particular, the development of malignant formations. Therefore, as soon as you notice the changes in your hands do not hesitate to visit an oncologist.