A constant cough. In most cases, cough is the main symptom of colds, flu, pneumonia, etc. But do not take a cough as an insignificant sign. A cough can be dry, for example, as with allergy, or soggy, for example, as with influenza and colds. The mucus can be dyed orange, red or brown, or you can even detect blood in saliva. In any case, an emergence of a chronic cough for a long time is a substantial reason to consult a doctor.

Shortness of breath. This symptom remains limited longer than others. While shortness of breath is one of the first signs of lung cancer. Generally, patients and doctors are looking for causes of dyspnea in other diseases, most often heart disease, but they forget about the possibility of the risk of propagation cancer. In some cases, persons believe that shortness of breath is an effect from weak physical activity or aging. Do not neglect such symptom, especially when these signs continue for a long time.

Rapid weight loss. If a person loses weight without any changes in his way of life that could affect his body weight, or if the foods in your daily diet seem unattractive to you – it is important to find out a background, because lung cancer signs in the early stages can include deprivation of appetite and inexplicable weight loss. What a person experiences: some people have the reluctance to take food and forget to eat; they may also notice that their clothes are getting too big, although they do not eat less. If the bad appetite continues to persist, or you keep on to lose weight without any effort on your part, consult a doctor.