Uncontrolled hunger pangs. Many people who suffer from ulcers experience an uncontrollable desire to eat, often feeling hungry even immediately after ingesting a large meal. This is obviously not genuine hunger, but rather, an imbalance in the digestive process caused by the ulcer. You may also experience a feeling of bloating and you will frequently experience hunger pangs at different times in the night. These hunger pangs are so prominent that they can even awaken the sufferer from a deep sleep.

A feeling of fullness in the abdominal region. This is a rather distinctive symptom of an ulcer. Your stomach will feel as if it is extremely full, or you will experience a general feeling of heaviness in that area. The feeling is roughly akin to the way one feels when one takes in an excess of liquid and is very uncomfortable.

A disinclination to eat. It goes without saying that an ulcer makes the process of eating and digestion extremely unpleasant, which is why, as the condition progresses, a person might tend to avoid eating or drinking. This is an effect of the trauma created by the pain the ulcer causes during the process of digestion. A person’s normal intake will fall off considerably, and weakness may set in to the extent that the sufferer can feel light-headed. If any of these occur, it is a sign that urgent medical attention is required.