Symptoms reminiscent of the flu. A great many ailments seem to have symptoms reminiscent of the flu, and an ulcer is no exception. If you are developing an ulcer, you might feel extremely tired through the day or may run a temperature. You may also feel nauseous. However, most flues do not persist more than about a fortnight, so if these symptoms persist beyond that time, you can be sure that they are symptoms of a more serious condition. Generally speaking, a physician should be consulted for any flu-like symptoms that persist beyond ten days or so.

An ache in the abdomen. If you feel a slight ache or discomfort beneath the ribs and above the navel, this could well be an ulcer. The pain will grow extremely intense, especially a little after taking in food. It will also return quite frequently. As this pain is caused by the stomach acid acting upon the surrounding tissues, alkaline foods than can neutralize the acid will also relieve the discomfort. However, you shouldn’t assume that you have an ulcer just because your stomach is paining, as this is a common symptom of constipation or gastritis.

Feeling like throwing up. As an ulcer erodes the lining of the stomach, causing the digestive juices to act upon surrounding tissue, it may leave a person with feelings of extreme nausea. This symptom might be experienced at any time, but is generally most pronounced early in the morning, when the stomach is empty, that is to say before one has had one’s breakfast.