The blunt pain is one more symptom of gout. There are situations when the painful sensation is not too harsh and shooting but is rather calm. It is not a good sign either. Moreover, it might mean that a person has chronic gout, which may last forever. Instead of random assaults, such patients suffer from the ongoing pain in single or more joints.

When you wake up with fever in the middle of the night, recall the other symptoms you have to detect whether it’s gout. This health issue negatively impacts almost all parts of the body, not only the injured toe, for example. A higher body temperature and other signs of fever belong to so-called polyarticular gout. It is not too severe, but still unpleasant

Due to the mediate fever and constant pain in the joints, the person with gout cannot have a healthy sleep. Discomfort makes him wake up in the middle of the night, being unable to go back to sleep for a while. Everything seems fine in the evening, but gout symptoms often pop up only at night. The person might just be experiencing a gout flare up. The suffering turns rather crippling.

The last thing to keep in mind is the possible tophi development. If you don’t take care of gout on time, tophi may form. They appear in the injured joint fields. Those are chalky formations of uric acid. The mild tissue is the home for this type of acid. The tophi can be noticed on the body’s surface; the damaged area may go red in some cases. This formation is risky as it can touch cartilage and cause more problems.