A victim of gout will have a pink, deep purple, or rather red body. People with gout often have red and purple areas where the joints usually form. Even the eye of not a professional is able to tell the difference between the symptom of gout and other infections or simple injuries. People try to explain it as bruising, and it frequently brings to misdiagnosis.

The pain in your toe might be another symptom of gout. The suffering begins from the area of a big toe. Sometimes, the pain does not spread anywhere else. If the toe hurts and causes discomfort further from the toenail, only the doctor may tell the core problem. Usually, this sign is supported by the ongoing swelling.

The affected areas become tender in most cases. Once you touch the affected toe, you may feel how the joint hurts. The slightest contact with the body like gentle touch may lead to the painful sensation. The relief pops up; in most cases, the sensitivity is gone fast, so you should not worry.