Endometriosis Symptoms and Signs

If you’ve been diagnosed sterility, it’s the first sign you might have endometriosis. The inability to have a baby is, perhaps, the most severe consequence of this disorder. Of course, it is hard to detect this symptom. It is still possible to give birth, but it would be rather hard for women who experienced such problem. Remember: there is always a chance, but it is minimized. Don’t let endometrial tissue grow too far.

Women with endometriosis experience harsh problems with premenstrual syndrome (PMS). The majority of female population complains of the discomfort feeling in the stomach and abnormal during “these days.” However, when the pain becomes almost irresistible, it’s an alarming sign that something is wrong with the woman’s organism. General tolerance to the pain won’t help if it’s really endometriosis. If the suffering starts in a week before the period during ovulation with a hint to grow, this is an alarming symptom.

The distending sensation is another common symptom of endometriosis. Female population faces this discomfort more often than males, so it is sometimes hard to detect the true reason. Bloating sensation shows up outside of the woman’s period. Inflammation around the regions that are injured by the increasing endometrial cells creates this feeling.