The manner of sexual relations may be the symptom of endometriosis. When having intercourse with the partner, the woman may start feeling unusual pain. Earlier, she used to get a certain amount of satisfaction, but now she can only report painful feelings. Except for the serious problems with health, it might mean problems in the relationships with a partner.

Women with endometriosis tend to experience harsh pain in the lower back. The initial warning symptom of this disease involves back suffering. The pain can move to the middle part and chest, causing even more discomfort. In some cases, it’s just the sign of PMS. If the pain appears due to the scar tissue, this is the sign you most probably have endometriosis.

Women with endometriosis notice unpleasant bowel movements in their bodies. Most often, these painful fluctuations take place during the menstrual cycle. Some healthy women may also experience issues with stool and pee, but this is something different. People who suffer from endometriosis have severe diarrhea or constipation, varying in its order and intensity.