Asymmetry is a common problem faced by many people with the risk of melanoma. The disease begins with the fluctuations in the body structure. They are usually visible, not only sensitive. As a rule, the changes are the appearance of dark rash or irregular mole. Of course, moles can be a normal health condition in case they are round. Try to match the bottom of the mole to see whether the divided parts are equal. If they are, it means they are symmetrical. Asymmetry is the initial and most terrifying symptom. It is the sign of a bad tumor.

The moles a person already has might be changing in shape and size. Even the birthmark can be affected, so one should pay attention. The most affected regions are the patient’s back or extremities, especially lower limbs. Women suffer from these symptoms even more than men. Fingers and toenail beds may get hurt as well. Some people report having problematic skin in the areas like face and neck; some people experience these troubles in mouth or rectum.

Pay attention whether the borders appear. We mean the aggressive swelling regions surrounded by borders are not normal, jagged, and tattered. Tumors which are not affected by melanoma are smooth. Their borders are regular. Mind any fluctuations in the skin of the mole. The most alarming signs include bleeding, scaliness, and formation of rash and spots. It is easy to identify these deviations visually. These changes are accompanied by the swelling feeling and red color. Another sign is a blurred, foggy mole.