Misty, brumous eyesight is the symptom of glaucoma, both chronic and obtained. Foggy visions reveal the absence of sharpness. Everything human sees then turns out of focus and looks like some background. It prevents the patient from noticing details like letters on the road signs or small symbols and warnings. When the area of vision narrows, it might be dangerous even to cross the street all alone. Timely medical aid is the only way to avoid full blindness.

Do you see halos? Those are halos in the shape of rainbow or nimbus people with glaucoma may see when staring at something bright. While some patients see it like object-twins, other say they observe various spots. Many people conduct a big mistake when they pay no attention to these halos. If the halos appear too regularly in front of the light sources, the risks of damaged vision grow.

Potential victims of glaucoma suffer from the continuous headaches. From the mild to severe, these pains follow the patient everywhere. Most often, the fluid in the eyes does not drain the way it should, causing such effect. In some cases, the intense production of extra water rises the pressure within the organ of sightseeing. This pressure causes a headache of different severity. These pains are short-term, but it’s still important to contact a doctor.