Glaucoma is something that attacks your eye. People who feel irresistible pain in the area of the eye must be aware it is one of the glaucoma symptoms. Health care professionals also define it as closed-angle glaucoma. The aching begins all of a sudden so that the person can experience extra shock due to the unexpected pain. This disease usually affects the outer surface of the seeing organ. Rubbing or scratching worsens the situation.

Consistent, stable loss of peripheral eyesight is one more symptom of glaucoma. It is an alarming sign, especially when both eyes start losing the vision. The patients share they see through the glass or tube. The source might be the injured optic nerve. It becomes almost impossible to see anything in poorly lit spaces; patients become unable to move without one’s help.

Pink or red eyes are the symptom of glaucoma. Not only the eye’s apple change in color; the white zones turn fully discolored. The acute disease usually impacts just one of the eyes. Thus, the redness will be noticed in one eye only. The sources of this phenomenon are fatigue and exhaustion. The rim of the eyelid becomes red as well, causing various tumors.