Many women with ectopic pregnancy report having their head turning around and suffering days long. The feeling of being lightheaded or dizziness are two other signs you should contact your doctor. The internal bleeding is often the main cause of feeling dizzy. Women should try to eat enough and sleep well while being pregnant to avoid such condition.

Only one side of the body may suffer from the regular pain. Usually, it would be a right or left side of the stomach or abdominal. The suffering varies from the soft and medium to highly harsh, causing a lot of discomforts. As the tube ruptures, the pain increases.

Patients with ectopic pregnancy complain of the regular pressure they feel in their chest or stomach. They also experience constipations and other issues associated with the unhealthy stool and pee. Make sure it is not an ordinary gas pain. Each time the internal bleeding takes place, the patient feels the pressure in the rectal region.