Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs

An ectopic pregnancy is something most women are afraid to face. It can happen so that a family expecting the baby for a while fails to have one due to the ectopic pregnancy. Vaginal spotting or ongoing bleeding are both the primary symptoms. It is difficult to define whether bleeding means ectopic pregnancy; only the health care professional can do so.

Human chorionic gonadotropin is something that should not increase too slow. The best way to check whether this symptom is present and reveals the ectopic pregnancy is through conducting a quantitative hCG examination at the early stages of pregnancy. The sign of a healthy pregnancy is the hCG level going double quite fast. It occurs every 2-3 days. Low hCG levels during the pregnancy are always an alarming symptom.

The body may gripe when a woman has an ectopic pregnancy. A soft cramping may follow the beginning of the healthy pregnancy too, but in the case of progressing cramping, one should turn to health care providers. If the symptom like spotting or bleeding is also in place, it might mean a woman will have an ectopic pregnancy.