People who suffer from DVT tend to face different pulmonary problems. The doctors highlight the main threat known as a Pulmonary Embolism. The blood clot from the damaged vein moves over to the lungs. It imperils the normal work of pulmonary. Patients suffer from breathlessness as it happens. They also feel lightheaded and may feel the chest pain.

Running out of the air. People with DVT face serious problems with breathing because of the pulmonary issues. In some severe cases, this problem may lead to the patient’s death, so it’s important to take care of DVT at the early stages. When transferring to the lungs, the blood clot from the limb may cause this symptom.

Some patients with DVT look the same as those who suffer from fever. It can be seen from the skin condition. When the blood clot separates and joins the blood stream, the symptom may show up. Because of the rise in the body temperature, the patient faces many various challenges. First, he or she loses appetite. Second, it’s an ongoing headache. Finally, the patient feels too weak and overloaded. It makes people with DVT feel annoyed and disturbed.

A rash sweating is another common feature of DVT. It is not natural for healthy people to sweat that much even in summer. The process begins in one place, moving quickly to other body parts. Have you recognized the abnormal sweating signs beginning from the specific area of the limb? Only a health care professional can help to detect whether it is really a DVT.