The veins of patients with DVT become rather noticeable. They bulge so that everyone can see them with the naked eye. As the disorder progresses, the situation becomes worse. Pressure induced towards the superficial veins is guilty of the appearance of this symptom. Sometimes, many veins in the certain area show out. Usually, this is an ugly picture as the veins form web-like links.

The feeling of fatigue is one more symptom of DVT. As you can guess, the extremities of the patient get tired faster than the rest of the body. It becomes difficult to walk a lot or run. It is important not to confuse this symptom with the one people face after the leg injuries. Patients share they have weighty and immobile legs that prevent them from the simplest daily activities.

Overwhelmed extremities. It is not okay to get tired after walking a mile, especially when you are not that old or have no baggage to carry. The patients with DVT get tired even after standing straight for some time. There is no way to treat this problem with the help of time-tested, popular methods. Also, the cause of tired legs is hard to be defined.