People with carpal tunnel syndrome may stop sensing their fingertips for a while. It lasts more than a usual numbness and makes most patients worried. Except for being ‘pierced by thousand knives,’ the patient loses connections with some parts of his body. It makes it difficult to move: eat, walk, write, etc. The most severe situations occur when the patient’s numbness achieves the peak: even the needles are not sensed anymore.

Immobility and rigidity when a patient wakes up. The extremities can be more rigid than they usually are. Patient’s hands suffer most of all. Other people feel less discomfort after sleep. People with carpal tunnel syndrome find it hard to clench a toothbrush while cleaning their teeth. It is the result of the decrease in the general range of movement. The level of bending the hand can be impacted.

Tumefaction is another widespread symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome. This term means that the limbs, especially upper extremities, turn swollen. It is hard to detect the reasons for the hands to become this way. From time to time, the patients experience a light tumor above the wrist. It feels like the hands are going numb. As a result, such people feel their extremities are swollen when they are not.