The patients are trembling and becoming insensitive. The nerves in extremities are compressed, causing such feelings of discomfort. Many people put their hands under the body while having a sleep. Such position may lead to similar sensations as well, but they feel a bit different, and at least there are some good reasons for tingling. In the case of carpal tunnel syndrome, the pain lasts for a while.

It hurts when you have a carpal tunnel syndrome. The patients feel like they are pierced with knives. Since the initial phases of illness, the pains are quite disturbing. The research studies showed this type of pain usually occurs in extremities, especially every part of the hands. It can go up to the shoulders and neck. Many pain patterns typical for the carpal tunnel syndrome remain unobserved.

The suffering which occurs at night time while sleeping. It awakens many patients at night, making them almost cry. Unlike numbness, this pain cannot be ignored. Even if a person falls asleep without any obstacles, he or she may still wake up at some point in time, experiencing this awful sensation. Most of the time, the pain takes place in the limbs, especially hands. This syndrome negatively impacts common sleep patterns.