Being tired and sleepy all the time. It is a common symptom of many medically identified disorders. The patient might get more than enough sleep (up to 10 hours) but remain drowsy. It forces the person to have more sleep, but oversleep does not help. It may only worsen other health conditions and overall dynamics. There are two types of fatigue: physical and mental. In the case of cancer, the patients experience both. First, they start forgetting things and having difficult times communicating with others. Second, they feel like laying down and taking a nap.

The patients with bone cancer are more likely to experience various infections. The immune system is weakened as the general bone structure gets weaker. The system does not manage to catch up with all changes and resist all threats coming from the outside. As a result, the organism lacks white blood cells. The absence of these elements in sufficient amount leads to the worse protection. Such people often face flu, colds, fevers, and other illnesses.

The absence of healthy appetite. As some people already know, the healthy ration per day should be around 2000 calories for a grown-up adult. However, a grown person with a bone cancer does not want to eat at all. These patients start eating less without recognizing it. Sometimes, they don’t have an appetite during all day long. It means that the organism throws all energy to resist developing cancer. That’s why the body becomes quickly tired. Except for the decrease in appetite, the patients can notice the drop in overall activity.

Bleeding and injuring without a good explanation. When cancer achieves the bone marrow, it receives a full control over the platelets. What does it mean? It means the blood running through the veins loses its normal ability to roll and condense. That is how it comes to regular bleeding and natural injuries. Such features as bleeding nose or knees are the best proof.