The primary warning sign of measles is the pain in the body. Human organism are mechanisms functioning with the certain level of ‘fuel.’ We call it energy. The energy is needed everywhere, even when it comes to mental health. Such functionality as the digestion also requires some fuel. The organism wastes more energy when it fights certain infections. As a result, the person feels weaker than he or she usually does. The body reacts to measles in particular way. The general discomfort is supported by the weakness and pains in various parts of the body.

A comparatively high fever is another attribute of measles. It can be an initial sign. The majority of patients with this diagnosis experience rapid changes in temperature. The body’s temperature quickly grows to something about 104 degree Fahrenheit. It is considered a very high temperature. It may take 7 days to get rid of the temperature or at least reduce it. It is logical that doctors mostly prescribe medication capable of decreasing the temperature. There are times when the fever does not go away even after five days of medical treatment. It is an emergency case, so do not postpone your visit to doctor.

Coryza is another symptom of measles. It is rather a group of signs that tend to appear with a head cold. The patient may find his or her mucous membranes inflamed. The area of measles activity is nose. The inflammation may occur in this organ along with the nasal passages. The face then becomes red in this zone. The nose turns very sensitive and swollen. All that symptoms we notice when fighting the flu (e.g., runny nose or extra amount of mucus) can be noticed in the case of measles. Do not confuse these two conditions!