Signs and Symptoms of Measles

Doctors report that people affected by measles may experience conjunctivitis. It usually happens at the beginning of the disease’s development. The problem refers to the organs of vision getting red. The sink of water from the eyes is also present. It becomes hard to open the eyes after a deep rest. Do not worry about treating this symptom, as your eyes will recover by themselves. At the same time, your doctor may prescribe special eye-drops to decrease the general discomfort.

One more obvious sign of measles is photophobia. Don’t you know what it is? Many people have at least once experienced this phenomenon, but may have no idea. Almost all of us attended movie theater at least once. It is the same as being in the dark premise with a single source of light for some time. When you quit, you discover yourself being blinded for seconds. It is a common form of photophobia, which has no consequences for our health. This phenomenon makes the people want close their eyes. In more serious cases such as measles, the person also faces nausea and headache. The bright light is the source of the problem.

Another sign of measles is called Koplik’s spots. It is one of the symptoms to take place in two or more days after the measles activate. The attacked area is the interiors of the mouth. The person can notice some pale spots standing in front of the mirror. Other people may notice it too. It is a visually obvious sign of measles. If you care about your look, remember that the visual symptoms do not last for a while. In most cases, the spots may remain undefined being rather small and insignificant. Their basic role is to help with detecting the illness at the beginning phases and stopping the virus from further expansion.