Pain swallowing is another symptom to pay attention to. It is rather rare, but it makes many people shake in their boots. A lot of dangerous diseases may lead to a sore throat; in contrast, sometimes a sore throat may be a sign of the common flu. Allergies and intensive singing/screaming may cause pain swallowing as well. Before calling a sore throat a symptom of the acid reflux, the patient should make sure he is not confusing the problem with something really serious. Check whether you have body ache or a runny nose – those are the specific features of cold or flu. If there are no signs like that, you may suspect having an acid reflux.

Belching is not a pleasant procedure. Many people would love to avoid burping, but they can’t. It’s not always a symptom of any disorder; oftentimes, people burp because of the large piece of food which provokes sounds like that. Drinking soda or similar beverages sometimes induce the release of gas, which leads to burping as well. Speaking about burping as the symptom of acid reflux, it is important to admit that such type of burping is caused by the stomach acid. It frequently achieves the esophagus. That’s why a patient may want to relieve the pressure and gas.

Dry cough. Many people are scared of this symptom, so they often refer it to acid reflux. Instead of having the first signs of acid reflux, a patient might experience a chronic cough. It is more difficult to tell whether this is the symptom of real acid reflux as it does not belong to the category of classic symptoms like heartburn. Except for the threat of acid reflux, there is a probability of the reflux of non-acidic stomach contents. Such symptom shows up after taking a meal or at night. Activities like smoking or lying down deteriorate the situation.