Painful sensations increase when a person is having a rest. Did you notice that your acid reflux symptoms are getting worse while you’re taking a nap? A lot of patients suffer from the same symptom each time they try to lie down. Try to stand a little while; such posture prevents stomach acid from slipping to the esophagus. It can be explained by the fact that gravity improves digestion and decreases various convulsive activities. Now you know that a rise in the burning sensation during the process of sitting or sleeping is the first sign of the acid reflux.

Bloating is the second sign of the acid reflux. It can also be the symptom of some other digestive phenomena. The main reason for bloating to occur is the gas trapped in the human stomach. Acids in the stomach may also lead to this uncomfortable and annoying feeling. There are many other factors that lead to swelling. Thus, it is important to consult your health care professional to find out whether you experience discomfort because of the acid reflux or some other, more dangerous issues. They could be the source of the pressure and bloat you feel.

Ever suffered from the pain in your chest? People tend to confuse the acid reflux symptoms with the heart attack as both phenomena have chest pain as one of the signs. In addition, when the person faces tightening of the chest and feels unable to breathe freely, the pain reminds of the typical heart attack. When you have a chest pain caused by the acid reflux, it lasts for a while, being more intense. If you breathe deeply, you might feel the pain is intensifying. At the same time, the cardiac pain stays on the same level.