How do doctors understand if it is a toxic shock syndrome? Unfortunately, it is rather hard to identify TSS by watching on the symptoms alone. The infection is very rare, and thus unexplored. In fact, there are no accurate examinations capable of claiming the illness. First, you will have a conversation with your doctor. Most of the questions will be regarding your hygiene. The healthcare professional may ask about the most recent symptoms and current changes in health. The individual is tested with the help of several known physical tests and additional procedures. Such equipment as the heart monitor or multi-4 lines can be useful.

What you should know about possible complications is that TSS is too dangerous for life in any case. It may always result in fatal outcome when being ignored at the early stage. In almost all situations, the bacteria attacks and infects all body organs. When it is not diagnosed on time, the toxic shock syndrome may result in complete liver or kidney failure, heart failure, decreased blood flow. Each of these conditions is equally dangerous. As for the symptoms of liver problems, they include the ache in the top abdomen, troubles getting focused, nausea, lethargy, fatigue, and yellowing of the body surface (a visual symptom).