What is the emotional influence in case of urticaria? People may develop certain complexes that would prevent them from living a high-quality life without any troubles. It is rather complicated to have a good sleep when the skin is very itchy, and you have a desire to scratch it. The result is a regular fatigue and dizziness. A chronic disease is the most dangerous type of urticarial as it has almost the same outcomes as the heart disease: 1 in 7 patients diagnosed with hives possess certain mental or emotional issues (e.g., anxiety or depression).

Anaphylaxis is a serious type of allergy. It is almost as severe as asthma. Hives are one of the initial warning signs. One may understand that he or she faced anaphylaxis as a result of urticarial if the following symptoms show up: tumor in the eyes, swelling sensation in the extremities and some parts of the face; being sleepy or even fainting randomly; pressure on the airways (issues with breath); ache in abdomen, desire to vomit, and nausea; and losing consciousness. This complication of hives has to be considered as a medical emergency and treated respectively.