Do you know another name of having troubles with ingesting processes? It’s . The basic reason for this sign to show up is the overall weakness of various groups of muscles. People tend to ignore these problems at the early stages, which end up dramatically. It becomes dangerous to take food due to the lack of swallowing ability. Besides, the food may be stuck in the nose. The worst situation may result into choking.

One more thing everyone should know about Myasthenia Gravis is that is an autoimmune problem. The goal of the healthy immune system is to fight the foreign bodies dangerous for human organism. However, the autoimmune disorder means your immune system getting confused enough to start attacking the healthy tissues instead of destroying the parasites. We all need acetylcholine to provide effective communication between the nerves and muscles to have our organism function properly. People lose this neurotransmitter substance when they face conditions like MG. that’s why our body starts feeling weaker like running out of energy and strength.