The patients with this health condition often complain of seeing things double instead of a single object. It is known as a double vision in medicine. In many cases of this illness, the symptoms continue to progress during the whole life. Why would the person have double vision? The extraocular muscles suffer when the disease shows up. As a result, the individual is no longer able to perceive the visual images the way they appear. The symptom is most noticeable when the patient makes an attempt to read, watch television, play video games, or drive, making the last activity extra risky.

Myasthenia Gravis is the health condition capable of developing during the entire life period. In case the patient does not detect it at the early stage, the situation gets dramatically worse. Most of the people who face this problem report having the worst symptoms during the night time. Because of the general weakness and pain, it is harder to sleep at night or conduct different evening activities. In 1-3 years, the signs of Myasthenia Gravis (MG) become especially visible. In 15% of cases, the affected zone does not spread beyond the eyes, but sometimes particular group of muscles may be affected as well (e.g., the limbs).