Enlarged Lymph Glands. Enlarged lymph glands are, once again, a common enough symptom of many ailments. The lymph glands are a crucial component of the lymphatic system that is spread through the body, and which houses the immune cells that provide the body’s first defense against invading bacteria. When the body is fighting an infection, large numbers of these immune cells or white blood cells are created – this causes the lymph glands to become enlarged. There are lymph glands present not only in the neck but also in the armpits and in the groin, and all of these can become infected in a mononucleosis attack.

Regular headaches. As you can see, a person suffering from mononucleosis suffers from a great many symptoms that are also common to other ailments, from the common cold to simple dehydration. A headache could also be a symptom of an allergy. Nevertheless, a headache is significant in that there is a health issue present that must be dealt with. If you are feeling exhausted, and also suffer from a persistent headache, then this is a symptom that your doctor will definitely want to hear about when diagnosing you.