Be ready that a treatment of the disorders like that is a time-consuming procedure which requires a lot of patience from the side of both parent and child. You should not give up in any case! No special therapy or drugs exist to recover from Williams syndrome in full and immediately.

The only thing which the family can do is to minimize the effects; still, the facial features usually remains the same throughout the course of life. In case certain problems appear due to the damaged blood vessels, it is better to take care of them ASAP.

Educators and physicians highly advise advice two basic types of therapies to apply to the person suffering from Williams syndrome: physical and speech therapies. They will speed up the process of learning as well as cope with some physiological gaps. The treatment depends on the personality and personal signs of the syndrome. Don’t let your child eat something with the excessive amount of calcium and vitamin D: there is more than enough of these elements in the blood of such child.