Fury (rabies) – what does that actually mean? It is a special infection, which appears due to the contact with a not healthy, rabies sick animal. This virus can be transmitted from one sick animal to another and people also. Fury virus affects not only fibers of the central and peripheral nervous system but also brains and a spinal cord of different creatures.

When the first period, so-called “incubation” when the signs are not obvious at all, is over but the bug is placed inside already, the virus begins to affect nervous fibers. Finally, it moves toward brains. Time with no symptoms lasts from 10 days to 1 year (in rare cases). Rabies influences on the patient as brains and a cord inflammation, that leads to encephalopathy disease and finally to death. The brains structure becomes corrupted.

Rabies main symptoms. At first glance, this infection signals are very similar to the flu ones. They are general body weakness, headache, high temperature. Those a patient can feel for several days. On the nip place, the patient can feel itch, discomfort sensation. With time those symptoms can grow into cerebral illness, anxiety, fear, insanity, agitation. Those symptoms can progress with time, and the patient can feel delirium, unhealthy behavior, hallucinations, sleep disorders. The first illness period lasts approximately from two to ten days.