The worst outcome of vitiligo is the lost self-confidence and esteem as the person feels ugly. It often leads to the kind of depression. Sometimes, people diagnosed with this skin problem also report issues with organs of vision, hearing, and increased risks of sunburns in the damaged zones.

The last thing to discuss is the list of threats. Vitiligo commonly starts at the age of 20-25. In fact, there is no special age requirement. It all depends on the immune system. All races, ages, and genders are under the equal threat of experiencing vitiligo. This skin condition, however, more frequently is present on the darker skin. In addition, people who have a weak immune system (autoimmune diseases) are more likely to become the ‘victims.’

An example may be hyperthyroidism. The doctors do not have all answers, so the condition remains partially unexplored. The problem can be transferred from one family member to another. Often, if at least one parent has vitiligo, the kids will face it too. However, it happens rarely.