Some complications and adverse consequences of SJS exist. The disease influences various body organs and leads to the inside/outside rash. The mucous membranes get irritated. The skin diseases are always among the most difficult, so it is obvious such type of a health condition leads to some complications when not treated at the early phase. Among the difficulties, a patient may experience serious modifications in the skin. For instance, the body’s surface may switch colors. Another typical complication is the scarring of tissues. A person, no matter man or woman, can experience cellulitis – an extra fat in the skin.

In this case, cellulitis may lead to more serious outcomes than obesity. It could be as dangerous and life-threatening as blood poisoning, also known as sepsis, from which it is rather hard to get rid. This symptom, meanwhile, may provoke the failure of the internal organs. The inflammation may be caused. Such organs as the kidneys, lungs, and heart suffer first of all. The patient may end up with a serious problem as pneumonia, the worst lung disease, or myocarditis, a severe problem with the heart. The patient may also face various serious issues with the organs of vision. You may wonder, ut the problems with eyes often appear as the result of the skin rash. Annoyed and dry eyes are the clues.

Several known ways exist to come up with the final, accurate diagnosis when a person is under the threat of Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Various processes and extra examinations assist in diagnosing SJS. The first method is a typical physical test. The healthcare professional frequently can define the problem depending on the patient’s medical history, so it is necessary to bring it with you. Along with the physical examination, the doctor can determine the real problem. Skin biopsy is an even more effective technique used to diagnose serious problems like Stevens-Johnson syndrome. In order to verify the final diagnosis, it is critical to examine a sample of skin with the help of lab exams.

Another thing is culture. Yes, cultural peculiarities may help to define the health condition. It all depends on the oral and skin hygiene of the person. With the help of culture from other body parts, the doctors may be able to verify and even take care of the disease. Another effective method is imaging, meaning a healthcare expert will conduct a chest X-ray once all typical symptoms are present. Test yourself for pneumonia as well. Finally, blood exams may assist in deciding on the final diagnosis. It helps either to decide on the final diagnosis and potential causes.