It is only possible to detect a so-called osteosarcoma at the early stages. A classical sarcoma does not give enough clues, so the person may live without knowing he or she has this disease. Even though no special examinations can define the problem on the first stages, it is possible to figure it out when the initial symptoms appear.

The recommended health examinations involve taking a random sample of cells. The cells should be from the affected area (lump or tumor). The test is called biopsy. CT and MRI are also helpful. Finally, do a bone scan to find out if you have another type of this cancer. If the doctor carries out the expected diagnosis, hurry up to treat it!

Sarcoma is not easy to treat. First of all, it is important to make sure the person is actually suffering from this problem, not anything else. As it can be detected only with the first symptoms, it means the illness already develops somehow and should be cured not of the start. Decide on the type of cancer first. See whether the lumps or tumors are moving to other organs. Is the problem metastasized? Unfortunately, only a special surgery can remove the harmful disease. Try radiation to destroy the cancer cells which are still there even after the corresponding treatment. Then, you will be prescribed various chemotherapy medications that have their risks. It is better to pay more for the less dangerous and toxic medical therapies.