The kidneys of modern human have to survive a lot. There are a lot of dangerous factors around like toxication, polluted air, and unclean drinking water. That’s not all factors that can cause a serious kidneys’ failure known as a renal one. The main purpose of this organ is to provide healthy filtration, meaning getting rid of various waste material in human organism.

The kidneys should filter everything that we eat, drink, or inhale. When the basic functions of kidneys are somehow disrupted or destroyed, the ability to filter becomes limited or absent at all. It leads to different waste materials stuck in the human body. This failure could happen suddenly or quickly after the acute renal damage.

Another reason might be an obtained renal failure. Anyway, both these factors are equally dangerous. One more reason for this disorder to show up is the long-term injury of the main kidney work. It may all result into the chronic type of this problem.