Guillain-Barre syndrome is an exotic disorder faced by the minority. It happens when the immune system gets confused enough to affect body’s nerves. When the limbs become extremely weak and sensitive, it may be the first symptom. The pain and uncomfortable feeling spread to other parts of the body very soon. The worst outcome is the complete body paralysis. Many people die of shock; others just can’t stand the sharp pain. A medical emergency is the result of the most serious case, so you should be ready to call emergency. Immediate hospitalization is needed.

The first signs of Guillain-Barre syndrome appear in the extremities. Legs and hands are the first places under threat; the disease moves from the very end of each limb to the upper parts, soon covering the entire extremity. People who have this disease report numb sensation as the first sign. Their muscles become very weak, the body gets too sensitive to any touch, and the patient soon discovers it is difficult to balance. He or she can easily get lost in space. These symptoms usually worsen during the following days/weeks. In the end, the condition gets better. However, serious cases do not exclude continuous problems with movement and breathing.

The reasons for the problem to occur remain unknown for ages. Guillain-Barre syndrome first shows up after a certain period of time once the patient faces any respiratory or digestive tract infection. So, these are interconnected factors. The immune system is the target to suffer. A healthy system tries to destroy only the invading foreign bodies like viruses or infections; in the case of Guillain-Barre syndrome, the nervous system attack body’s native nerves. As a result, the brain stops receiving necessary signal. It leads to numbness or full paralysis.

How can one diagnose the syndrome without making a mistake? It is difficult to understand whether you deal with Guillain-Barre as the agent cannot be exactly identified. The symptoms usually change within a short period of time while others are absent at all. The early phase makes it almost impossible to define Guillain-Barre syndrome. A person should try to describe the symptoms carefully. Some physical tests can help too. Such exams include a lumbar puncture and electrical test of nerve to check the muscle work.