Glomerulonephritis Symptoms, Signs and Causes

Glomerulonephritis (GN) is an irritation of the glomeruli. Those are fields of the kidneys composed of the very small blood vessels. These elements are responsible for cleaning blood from the waste material and replacing extra water. The times when these important blood vessels get injured, people notice their kidneys to start working improperly. It may result in the failure of this organ. Nephritis is another name for this disorder, and it requires quick medical treatment.

The symptoms of nephritis may vary based on the type of problem. There are two types: obtained and chronic glomerulonephritis. If you notice problems with your daily pee, it is better to examine the urine to detect the core problem. Other signs may involve pink, reddish, or brownish color of urine, blood in your pee, foamy urine, extra amounts of protein in an organism, high levels of blood pressure, and signs of tumor on various body parts such as extremities and face.

The doctors have discovered the reasons for glomerulonephritis to show up in case it is acute. It is a reaction of the body to various infections. One of the examples of such infections could be a strep throat or issues with mouth/teeth. In case the immune system overreacts to the external threats, the nephritis may appear. In case the problem does not disappear, proper treatment is required.