It is necessary to understand what exactly provokes Edema to be able to detect it. The fluid forms in the tissues of the patient’s body. The gravity may push the water into the extremities. You may wonder, but standing still for a while might be another reason for the fluid to accumulate. The risks grow higher at summer time. Doctors recommend avoiding too salty meals. It is good advice for those who suffer from issues with the heart, liver disorders, and problems with the kidney. People do not inherit Edema.

There are several known ways to detect Edema. First of all, the doctor observes the primary cause of the disease. It is important to learn more about the patient’s origins, medical records, health conditions, length and intensity of symptoms, etc. The health care professional must define whether the symptoms of Edema are permanent or intermittent. A physical examination is also required.

The last thing to discuss is the existing threats. Our fetus and placenta both need fluid just like the entire body require a certain amount of water. The pregnant females should be especially careful; their organism wants more sodium and fluid than it usually does. It increases the probability of having Edema. Various drugs may cause Edema as well. Those people who possess problems with heart, kidneys, or liver risk suffering from Edema more than other people.