One of the first symptoms to notice is the pain in the chest. Also, a person who may suffer from dyspnea might feel a severe tightness in the chest area. The body feels like the chest has overworked fulfilling its functions. If you have ever felt a large rubble on your chest, you may understand what it feels like when you’re a victim of dyspnea.

Lassitude is the common symptom of many similar illnesses, and dyspnea is not the exception. All of a sudden, a lot of impediments arise when it comes to everyday activities like cooking, washing, etc. This symptom prevents the patients from having a complete, energetic life.

A person may feel breathless, especially when sleeping or, vice versa, waking up suddenly. This symptom is mostly observed in the morning. The world of health care professionals knows this phenomenon as the nocturnal dyspnea. The person may start suffocating. He or she just runs out of the air. This discomfort leads to the severe problems with sleep and any rest.