Have you noticed any brush field spots in your child? One more common sign is the formations in the eye iris. When you notice it, do not panic immediately – it’s a common sign many children may experience at the early stages. Once the connective tissue aggregates, the symptom shows up. It is curious that European population experiences brush field spots more often than other ethnic groups.

The lack of sober mind and reasonable judgment may be one more symptom. Except for the various physiological discomforts, the patients are disturbed by the regular mental problems. As a rule, people with Down syndrome are joyful, excited by the world around, always willing to party, and seem restless; there are episodes in their lives when the mood can change to the opposite. Each time these patients face a dilemma or the need to make a weighted decision, they simply get lost and turn nervous.

The persons with Down syndrome are slow learners. It is difficult for them to demonstrate research skills, critical thinking, or valuable analysis as they lack judgment and sober mind. In separate cases, the patients manage to cope with these problems and educate more or less effectively. The symptoms of slow learning include delayed speech or time-consuming motor development.