As less than 2% died from typhus, it is obvious that it is possible to define the disease timely and get rid of the nasty infection. The doctor will conduct several tests to identify the source of illness. Those are skin biopsy, Western blot, different blood exams, and immunofluorescence examination. First, the physician takes a sample of body’s surface. Then, fluorescent dyes might be useful to find the bacteria. Finally, simple blood test assists in stating the diagnosis properly.

Instead of treating, try to avoid this problem by following several simple tips. Mostly, the recommendations are associated with the simple norms of hygiene. The mites usually do not attack people who stick to the rules of elementary hygiene like regular hand washing. People should also look after a number of rodents. Through controlling its population, it is possible to prevent the reproduction of bacteria carriers. Do not visit areas of the Rickettsia bacteria proliferation. In the regions with high threats, people may use chemoprophylaxis with doxycycline.