What Causes Migraine Headaches? Top Migraine Triggers

The abrupt migraine attack means you need a cold towel and a comfortable bed in a dark bedroom. Many people feel beforehand its primary symptoms. Due to these signs you can choose preventative remedies to avoid the problem. Every person has their own indications, but there are frequent symptoms that people with migraine feel. If you can determine your triggers, it’s possible to prevent your future headaches.

Medicine overdose. If you often have migraines, the specialist prescribes medications. It seems to be a vicious circle, but the latter can provoke even stronger headaches (Medication Overuse Headache – MOH). If you have this problem – give up taking the medication. It’s important to know how to come off certain medicines like remedies with butalbital or opioids.

Some scents mobilize nerve receptors inside the nasal passages, that may cause attacks or worsen them. Osmophobia happens often during the migraine. Don’t use strong perfumes, gasoline and chemicals and avoid food smells. Don’t be shy to ask your colleagues not to wear too saturated perfumes.