Some people may call it poisoning from the sunlight. The effect is the same: instead of the desired Hollywood tan, you risk getting a sunburn due to the extensive sunlight and hours spent on the beach without a proper protection. If you don’t follow the elementary rules, you risk discovering your body’s surface all reddish or pinky, swelling, burning, and itchy. Every touch then becomes rather painful. In severe cases, people also report about the desire to vomit, headache, and nausea.

As it was mentioned, most often people find their skin sunburn due to the excessive time spent on the beach without proper defensive creams and other elects of protective hygiene. Also, it might be dangerous to walk a tourist miles under the sun in especially hot and sunny regions of the world like Africa or Latin America. The exact source of the sunburn is the ultraviolet rays (UV). Another source is the tanning bed rays.

There are several types of sunburns known to the world. The first one is reflected in the red body’s surface. Often, reddish rash covers the body. The second level of sun poisoning is the result of the heat stroke. Electrolytes and liquid then start leaving the organism. If the person has special cosmetic products on or has just taken some drugs, the risk of sunburn is higher.